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Start Here

So you have decided that you need a website, but you might not be sure what is the best type of website that will match up your needs.

That is why we have prepared the following guide to help you pick the website type you need

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

  • Step 3

Sample image

  • Start by collecting all your content within a single document.
  • If you have photos or videos, group them into folders with meaningful titles.
  • Find all existing branding items of your business/organization such as logo, flyers, brochures, etc...


Sample image

  • Think of special features that you may need such as a photo gallery, video library, newsletter
  • Focus on the bare minimum that you must have for the website to be ready for launch
  • Keep in mind that your website will go through several iterations before it has matured so save advanced features for future releases

Sample image Setup a phone meeting with a Web Development Consultant by requesting a quote.

Review quotation and choose the services that must be included in your website

Agree on website terms of service and kick off project